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Margin trading (MT) is the purchase of Securities using credit provided by JB Securities Vietnam according to JB Securities Vietnam’s list of stocks permitted for margin trading for specfic periods. To perform margin trading, investors only need to put in the corresponding capital based on the margin rate of each stock, the rest is lent by JB Securities Vietnam. JB Securities Vietnam will always offer flexible and most suitable policies for each period to ensure maximum benefits of investors.

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    • Last update: 05/10/2022
    • VNINDEX: 1,104.26 +26.12 +2.42%
    • Volume: 451,939,674
    • Matching value (VND Billion): 9,415 tỷ SỐ CK: Tăng: 392 Giảm: 85 Đứng giá: 55
    • Last update: 08/12/2022
    • HNX: 215.37 +5.44 +2.59%
    • Volume: 106,957,504
    • Matching value (VND Billion): 1,457.77